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Post  Admin on Mon Oct 01, 2012 6:16 pm

That sounds like a big game. Sorry about the late reply. How you change andro's texture is first, go to the 3D Rad folder in Program files, then go to 3DRad_res, then objects, then Skinmesh, then data, then Andro and change parts of the andro.bmp image to make him look like a human.

I hope everything works!


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Post  Daba on Tue Sep 18, 2012 7:11 pm

Hey! I'm back for now. People seem nicer here even if there aren't as many people. So, I'm making a game called DabaDriver as you know, and it's in it's major beta condition, but seems to be getting there.
Well, I currently don't have any screens but here is a description.

It's supposed to be a cruising or racing game, a lot like GTA:SA, but my version of it.

I'm hoping for it to be COMPLETELY moddable. So that you can modify anything on the game.
If I can get everything to work, it will cost money to buy the full version, and there will be an online version where you can do online multiplayer from your browser. The online version will cost money monthly.
Back to the regular game, it'll have pedestrians and cars, ai traffic and fun! Get out of your car and walk around the city, go get something to eat, go see your girlfriend, or race other people and earn money! Live in the suburbs of Daba City and earn enough money to buy a mansion! Or jump in your car and drive around the state of Daba! Be sure not to burn up your fuel though! Go buy a truck and trailer and tow your car for maintanence, or even call a cab! Daba will be a daily life sort of game, where you can do whatever you want!

Thanks for reading Very Happy
Now can I ask for some help? How can I retexture Andro to look like a human? Thanks!


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